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Contact CSV Export

Wat is Contacts CSV Export

Contacts CSV Export kan uw telefoon adresboek exporteren naar CSV-formaat.
Om ervoor te zorgen dat importeren zo eenvoudig mogelijk is kan er gekozen worden voor een export format,
voorbeelden hiervan zijn: Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 Mozilla Thunderbird, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail.
Er een aantal geavanceerde functies voor het exporteren van contacten:
- u kunt kiezen voor een scheidingsteken voor tussen de velden,
- het regeleinde charachter kan worden gekozen, linux of windows stijl.
- De codering kan worden geselecteerd, dit kan handig zijn bij het exporteren van talen die speciale karakters bevatten.
- SMS export, exporteert ontvangen en verstuurde sms berichten naar CSV
- Bel historie export, exporteert de inkomende en uitgaande gesprekken naar csv
- Lokatie van het csv bestand op uw telefoon kan worden gekozen


Import into thunderbird

How to import your contacts into Thunderbird Address Book

1) Go to Tools in the menu and choose Import

thunder import contacts

2) In the next screen you have to choose what to import, select Address Books and press next

thunder addressbook import 2

3) The next screen is to choose which format to import, choose in the screen for: Text File (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt)

press Next

thunderbird open screen

4) The standard open screen appears and we have to choose the export file, press Open

thunderbird address book import pick file

5) Now you have to match the Address book fields with the Record data to import, if there is something not correct you can make a correction with the move up and move down buttons

Those two buttons affect the Address Book fields to move up and down. Press Ok if you satisfied with the result.

thunderbird import pick columns

6) Import will be executed and the finish screen will apear if all went well. Press Finish

thunderbird contacts import finish

Import into Excel 2010

There are several ways to import csv files into excel, the steps below describe the wizard way that will preserve most data as it is in the csv.
All other methods don't give you full control and all options and you might end up losing data.

excel menu choose open

2) Choose the export File, in my case export.csv

excel pick file

` 3) Choose the delimiter, and press next

excel choose delimited

4) Choose your delimiter by default dutchandroid contacts csv export uses the semicolon. Press next.

excel choose semicolon

5) In order to overcome the disappearing of the preceding 0 before phonenumbers, select the column
so it because black, then choose Text instead of the default General.

excel choose text

6) Repeat this for every phone column you have, and press finish.

excel choose finish

You're done!

Version history

 - Small layout fix for high res.

 - Country phone code search by countryname including timezone
- Layout changes main menu
 *Buttons smaller
 *Added margins left and right
 *Added space on top
 *Added divider

- removed adbuddiz

- added qoutes " around every exported field and colums

- removed tapfortap and added adbuddiz

- fix nullpointer exception calllogexportprogreswindow on getorganisation

- added: SMS from and to date filter.
- changed: SMS export window is now scrollable
- added: SMS delimiter in export format can be changed

call-log export:
- dateformat can be chosen now: yyyy-MM-dd, dd-MM-yyyy, and / and . variants
- fix in raw format phonenumer changed into phonenumber
- from and to date button have the date formatted 
- small layout changes: outer margin and some gray lines

- added progress text to contacts export

toggle format:
- missed calls aren't exported in the toggle format anymore
- client name gets exported in project
- fix: null pointer crash in organisation lookup
- added: found counter to the call-log export

- cleaned up some old code from
- sms type can be exported to something readable instead of a number
- sms status can be exported to something readable instead of a number
- raw call-log output header has now the give delimiter too
- added: toggl format 
- added: export filter on group
- added: export from and to filter
- added: rate button, that goes to the market

- added: calllog record type get translated to incoming, outgoing, missed instead of 1,2,3 (optional with checkbox)
- fix: if cached_number is null, it doesn't display null in export file but just an empty string
- fix: if cached_number_type is null, it doesn't display null in export file but just an empty string
- added: you can keep millisec since epoch in export file instead of a formatted date/time
- fix: if sms export fields contain null (nothing) then an empty string is now exported instead of null
- added: interstitialadd added before calllog export window opens

- added: hungarian translation
- added: chinese traditional translation
- Minor changes on the progresscontact export window.
- added: english (copy of default)
- changed: mainmenu are normal buttons.

- fix: in calllog export interface the status said sms instead of records.
- fix: rotation of the app is now possible.
- added: croation translation.
- added: vietnamese translation.

- added: export button to smsexportprogresswindow, export doesn't start anymore when opening the window.
- added: export button to calllogexportprogresswindow, export doesn't start anymore when opening the window.
- added: the export filename of the sms export file can be changed.
- added: the export filename of the calllog export file can be changed.
- added: it's possible the change the field delimiter of the export calllog file.

- Added progress window/bar to export SMS
- Added progress window/bar to export Calllog

- Fixed the HW, backbutton.

- removed unused images 
- fixed: when no selection of encoding some export formats failed.

- Added: SMS Export
- Added: Call Log Export 

- added languages: albanian, catalan, greek, macedonian, persian, romanian, serbian, slovak, welsh.

- added languages: Hindi, dutch, indonesian and arabic. (first version)